Fostering Immigrant Integration

Changing demographic, economic, social and political factors make it imperative to integrate limited English-speaking immigrants and refugees into our communities.  Opportunities to learn English, build social networks and contribute to society are key strategies for fostering integration. 

  • Through Project SHINE, our work focuses on helping immigrant elders prepare for citizenship, work, acquire health literacy skills, and engage in meaningful civic roles. Read more.  

English as a Second Language (ESL) & Citizenship  -  mobilizing college students from diverse disciplines and cultures to tutor older immigrants and refugees in basic English language skills, U.S. history, and civics needed to pass the naturalization exam.  Read more.

Health Literacy - engaging volunteers of all ages in activities designed to enhance the health communication skills of older immigrants and refugees.  Read more.

Civic Engagement  - partnering with immigrant-serving organizations to develop and expand meaningful civic roles that benefit immigrant and mainstream communities.  Read more.

  • Through Friendship Across Cultures, our work focuses on mobilizing older adult women to support refugee women build trusting social networks, better understand American culture, communicate in English, and move towards self-sufficiency.  Read more